12 December 2006

As you wish

Here's the photo of the painting requested by our commenter on the last post. DJ is away from a computer right now, but she'll be back this Friday if you have any questions or comments for her.

Penny McAllister's Knitting Bags are made of quality materials with excellent details. They are on sale at the Gallery for $54. We have just five left! I have one and I love it for carrying my knitting with me - It sits flat, and it's shallow so I can see everything and it's the right length for knitting needles to lay flat. I have a confession to make, though. When we go on car trips, I take the knitting out, and put the maps, brochures, directions, snacks, tissues and other "ride necessities" in it and set it between us on the front seat. It's the best bag ever!

Jenna Daniels is the jewelry maker... and a knitter, photographer and a full-time college student - she's studying to become an elementary school teacher, and she'll be a great one - kids just love her. (She's also Jeanne's youngest sister!) We have a nice selection in the gallery- just $7 a pair until Christmas!

SOLD: As I was typing up this entry, Marilyn has left the building. Alex has a few images left on vinyl including Jimi Hendrix and a fantastic Frankenstein clock.

Any cardmakers out there? We would like to talk to you. We're looking for original art, photographs and collage note cards and greeting cards for consignment for our next group show in March. E-mail: jeannegraydove@yahoo.com for an appointment.