23 May 2007

Beware of Flying Cat

MaxiCat was full of spit and vinegar this mornng. Now that the weather is finally above 40 up here in Maine, seems like everything is livening up! MaxiCat brought me a live mouse right to my bed - Good Morning! Zoe and I got Thunder dog out of the room, got Maxi back out the window and trapped the mouse and took it outside. Not the least bit interested in the mouse, Maxi was waiting and yowling outside the kitchen door ready to help me make lunches by trying to push everything but the tuna can off the counter, gave him the tuna juice and he pushed my other cat off the food table. Waiting for the school bus he was on the roof, flying back and forth between the tree and the roof, yowling the whole time. I don't care for the mouse in bed trick, but I've got to say that Maxi is pretty entertaning!