29 December 2006

Random Thoughts

This is a photo of Jeremy who owns the best art store around: The Art Guru in Gorham at 104 Main Street. Phone: 207-839-6138, Fax: 207-839-6028 website: www.theartguru.com

Well, its almost a new year and I'm realizing the next painting I sign will be marked 2007... Pretty wild how fast the years go by. I keep an art journal - something I started many moons ago... over time the journals have gotten bigger and less controlled, kind of like the artwork I create. My boyfriend always poses the question, will you be able to get it out of the apartment when its done? I always assure him - oh yeh, no problem... I count on the bedroom window and ropes to lower the paintings down with, but I never say that. I also tend to make my art sturdier as the time goes by - its funny watching people treating it as though it is something fragile, its so not fragile. People approach slowly - almost on tiptoe, reaching out... I usually say something to the effect of - unless you run it over with your tractor, it'll be okay... that actually happened to one of my favorite pieces but we'll tell that story another time. On Saturday - tomorrow, I will purchase several sketchbooks and new oil pastels - the big box even though I really can't afford it and take it all with me into 2007.

28 December 2006

Are We There Yet?

Lets take a minute and reflect - first, you'll need a huge cup of coffee and a cozy place to sit, if you have a dog, you'll want the beast with you for this. Maybe do some art, play some music, stay in your jammies...

Its almost 2007 and I'm staring at a new roll of canvas - Thanks Mom.

What I really like about this roll of canvas is where it comes from - a place called 'The Art Guru' in Gorham, Maine. The owner, Jeremy, is an amazing artist and started the business a few years ago. But aside from being amazing as an artist, Jeremy has the greatest energy... so, if you're in the neighborhood stop by and tell him Dj sent you.

Pretty sure you'll walk out of there smiling...

Okay, so back to the Studio- Gallery -
we have another show coming up in March...
Thinkin' maybe the solstice? What are people doing?
Any words of wisdom, crazy art, questions, comments?