01 January 2007


The engagement calender purchased at half price at Borders is titled 'Voyages...' and me - I love a journey. Whatever, wherever, whenever. I find the title of my engagement calender a strange inspiration and quickly go online to check the national weather forecasts. We're in an ice storm that is scheduled to end soon, Colorado's a definite no, New York City is so last night... hmmm. Think I'll head South and take it from there.

31 December 2006

Наилучшие пожелания для замечательной поездки к России

photo: Garth and Sean at the Russell family Christmas Dinner.

What a way to start the New Year. Sean Russell is leaving New Year's Day for a one month trip to Russia. It's a college trip, thru St. Olaf's in Minnesota, where he's a senior this year. We had an old-fashioned Christmas carol sing after Christmas dinner and Garth and Alex provided the accompaniment while Sean led the singing. He's got a beautifully trained voice, having sung professionally since he was 8 years old! We all look forward to singing along with Sean, although, he loses most of us after the first verse. Sean has the ability to recall full lyrics to songs even if he hasn't sung them for eons. This night, he sang every verse to "Good King Wenceslas (sp?)" and it was beautiful and there was a hush on the boisterous group as he sang. Sean's a special person to each of us for different reasons, and it all comes together as love when he's singing. ---Jeanne