29 December 2006

Random Thoughts

This is a photo of Jeremy who owns the best art store around: The Art Guru in Gorham at 104 Main Street. Phone: 207-839-6138, Fax: 207-839-6028 website: www.theartguru.com

Well, its almost a new year and I'm realizing the next painting I sign will be marked 2007... Pretty wild how fast the years go by. I keep an art journal - something I started many moons ago... over time the journals have gotten bigger and less controlled, kind of like the artwork I create. My boyfriend always poses the question, will you be able to get it out of the apartment when its done? I always assure him - oh yeh, no problem... I count on the bedroom window and ropes to lower the paintings down with, but I never say that. I also tend to make my art sturdier as the time goes by - its funny watching people treating it as though it is something fragile, its so not fragile. People approach slowly - almost on tiptoe, reaching out... I usually say something to the effect of - unless you run it over with your tractor, it'll be okay... that actually happened to one of my favorite pieces but we'll tell that story another time. On Saturday - tomorrow, I will purchase several sketchbooks and new oil pastels - the big box even though I really can't afford it and take it all with me into 2007.


Anonymous said...

What a nice guy Jeremy is. He'll help you and he's really friendly. Worth heading over to Gorham for.

Gallery/Studio said...

Do you know if they really deliver art supplies??? Thats a beautiful thing! We'd actually like to connect to his site with our blog but haven't quite mastered the 'how to' of it yet.