31 May 2007

Lucky Rocky

Last week Tiffany, Alex, Zoe and Bobby spent hours "rescuing" a beautiful black cat from the garage attic. Of course, he's the most lovable cat ever. Purring, rolling around on your lap to get petted and he talks! And of course the kids wanted to keep it. But, having 8 living creatures to care for already, I said "Nope." This isn't the first time I've heard, "I'll take care of it." After calling shelters, the animal control officer and vets, I told them to take him to the no kill shelter in Cumberland. A couple days later Lost Cat signs popped up at Freaky Foods and the library - love a small town, somebody who knows us called the number right away. Everyone's happy and end of story.
But wait! We get a call with chapter two: Jen, the owner, had her sister stop by the shelter to pick up the cat. They told her there that not only did they not have a black cats but nobody from Gray had dropped one off recently. And, to top it all off, she got a big lecture about cat care and she was forced to leave empty handed.
Just to make sure, Jen stopped by for the kids to give a positive ID to a photo. It was definitely Rocky and he most certainly was taken to that shelter, and the kids had filled out paperwork there - including town of Gray. We had a full house when Jen stopped by as DJ and Dale were on a Harley ride and popped in. We were incredulous and mystified. Oh, the irony of trying to rescue a cat from a shelter! Everyone agreed that she had to get past the desk lady and into the "cat rooms". Dale was advocating cat commando - just push through and grab her cat and just tell them she wasn't leaving without him, and call "Johnny Law" in case of trouble.
When Jen went the next day she posed as a cat adopter, and in the very last room of cats she embraces Rocky and says she isn't leaving without him. The shelter people appear surprised at her story and offer no explanations other than "we've never had any trouble, before."
And that's the story of Lucky Rocky. Jen said Rocky will stay home 'til he gets his new tag with his phone number on it. I kind of hope he wanders over for a visit now and again!

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Elizabeth Prata said...

wow! what a story. I'm so glad they were persistent and went back the next day. Lucky Rocky is right. I love a happy ending.