08 December 2006

Buy Art

Okay, so the show's over but here's the deal - we still have art for sale... comments, questions, concerns, suggested titles are all welcome. The piece shown here is approximately 4 feet by 4 feet and is an acrylic piece on board, framed by my dad - please note he is currently on strike and refusing to frame my 4 by 8 foot piece... what can I say? I generally like to work large pieces.


Anonymous said...

Hi DJ,

I'm interested in knowing more about the piece that you see straight on as you walk in the door. Can you post a photo of that one next so I can get a good look at it? Thanks. PS I like your work framed or unframed!

Anonymous said...

doh! That IS the one I was eyeing! My page finally loaded. It's so nice, DJ!

Gallery/Studio said...

A belated Thank You to Anonymous.
I switched out the pictures a bit, added some words - again Thank You.