06 December 2006

A great opening!

Photos of the gallery-studio. Special thanks to our house band, Alex on steel resonator guitar, Seth on drums, Grant on bass and Bob on the mandolin... You guys were great!

DJ speaks: Well, the opening was fun, informative, and pretty freakin' remarkable! Each one of you brought so much to our gathering - Thank You. For those of you who were unable to attend I will try to describe it...

In the back room, a.k.a. the studio, there were amazing and unexpected things happening - Jeanne coaching Cindy, Marion and Ashley through the art of book making while Alex and friends were playing guitars, tubes, drums and mandolins¦ Love the mohawk, Grant. Margaret joined in on guitar and Tiffany - did I mention Tiffany? Tiffany, our beloved premed student and Alexander's muse wove in and out bringing us all coffee and conversation throughout the day! Curt and Mary arrived with a picnic basket full of wine and settled in for an afternoon visit and so many artists! Mission accomplished. The place came to life. The weekend was a beautiful thing, the weather even held. I think Jeanne and I are both ready for a long winter's nap and then on to the next gathering, after we fill in the blank spots on the gallery walls. Thanks again to all who supported us in our Studio-Gallery endeavor.

So there I was, sitting in a classroom sketching in order to sit still and the Swirly Girls were born! The lecture was on power, privilege and oppression and Swirly Girls were my response. They're all about the celebration of being female and all that goes with it. Jeanne and I soon brought them to life, using copper and torches and Friday nights. We took turns playing the role of "Fire Girl" and solved many of life's big mysteries...okay, we really didn't solve anything but art is healing and I think we did heal from the week spent in the day to day struggles.


Anonymous said...

Jeanne and DJ, I really respect your efforts and in presenting such a wonderful gift to the town, a gallery studio. Thanks for all your hard work last weekend, the photos make it look like people were having a lot of fun! Just what this town needs, Open Houses with friendly fun inside.

Gallery/Studio said...

Thanks! I'm hoping that Gray can explore more options around The Creative Economy initiatives in Maine. We're on the most traveled route to the Western Mountains AND to the Sebago Lakes Region.

Oddly enough, with the decrease in traffic caused by the bypass to 26, we have the very real opportunity to become a destination stop for visitors who travel up and down 26 from out of state.

They get off the turnpike after a few hours of straight driving and would like a sit down meal, some gas, and maybe stop in to a shop or two to stretch their legs and begin enjoying their vacation in Maine. Gray could capitalize on that scenario. Especially where Southern Maine is losing its charm and becoming a sea of shopping malls and traffic.