10 November 2006

Coming together

DJ and Alex. Photo by Jeanne Adams

We've been working on the gallery, getting ready for the Open House coming up on Dec. 2nd & 3rd. I must admit that DJ and Alex have been doing most of the manual labor - painting and moving stuff around, and figuring out how to set things up. Art is sitting waiting to go up. I've spent my whole career doing production graphics, where you're usually trying to fit as much as possible into a very small space. So when it comes to a giant space like a big blank wall, I just get overwhelmed. I'm working on it. We're enjoying this project, things are falling into place, and we'll offer some social art during the open house... maybe clay since we've been wanting to make some molds, or bookmaking... or both!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Prata said...

It looks great!!!! I can't wait for your open house, I just know things will be fantastic.