06 November 2006

Thunder and Max

Thunder and Max. Photo by Jeanne Adams

These two are the welcoming committee. Thunder (dog) and Max (cat) are both 3 years old and grew up together. They're not much help sometimes when I'm trying to get something done. Both of them startle me when they jump up on the work tables. Both of them like to knock things onto the floor. They steal my chair and my lunch if I leave either for too long. DJ calls Thunder the Artful Dodger, because he's such a thief, stealing any manner of thing, including pens off the desk, to entice you to play. Both like to take naps on the desk.

Sometimes it's non stop fun and excitement. Max will swat Thunder if he gets out of line. Thunder will push Max off his spot on the bed. Max knocks cat food off the cat table onto the floor so Thunder can have a treat. Max learned to sit up and beg, because I used cat food as kibble to train the dog. Max will bring live mice in the house so Thunder can chase them. Both can jump up on anything - including kitchen counters.

Thunder is overjoyed to see everyone. He's got quite the fan club. I have clients who bring him biscuits and stay to play with him, and he's regularly inquired after at the convenience store next to my house. "Where's Thunder?" Sometimes I make a date with an acquaintance to let our dogs play together and at soccer and soft ball the kids know him and love him up.

Believe it or not, it's taken me three days to get this photo! I get my camera ready, aim.... and Thunder goes from groggy to excited in a second flat - jumps from the chair, and gives a big stretch - he knows that when I pick up my camera I'm usually going out the door, and usually to take him for his walk.

The animals are great teachers. Naps are good... and so are treats. If I'm blocked, I'll stare at something with the cat's "I could care less" attitude - and notice more details. I try to imitate Thunder's way of just being him: I try to show how thoroughly happy I am when someone walks in the door, for instance (minus the jumps and licks of course!). I'm learning how to be quiet and enjoy hearing the good things people say. I like how the cat sets his limits, but how he sets them aside sometimes too.

Most of all, I like how everything about them says, "right this minute, life is good".


Anonymous said...

OMG, this is the cutest photo ever!!! You should send it somewhere. It will win.

Anonymous said...

PS: You are really happy when people come in. It's one of your hallmarks. You are totally present, smile, and look right in the eye. It makes a person happy every time, and nowhere else does a person get a greeting like that. It's special.