08 November 2006

When a long line is a good thing

photo by Jeanne Adams

I walked up to Newbegin Center last night a little after 6 to vote. "Oh, no, look at that line", I said. The man next to me said quietly, "That's a good thing tonight." well said. Someone else said, "I've lived in this town for 30 years and out of all the people here I only recognize two people." The weather was good and the people were pleasant. A young man behind me was catching up with an old school friend he hadn't seen in years and they were talking about the service and college and work. I had brought the kids and dog with me for the walk and Thunder was busy meeting people, a man in line had a little conversation with Thunder, asking the dog who he was voting for and apologizing for not having a treat . A very nice evening on Main Street.

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