02 May 2007

DJ Art

DJ Landry (on the left) discusses her work with a patron at Little Sebago Gallery & Frame in Windham. DJ's work is strong and colorful, much like DJ herself. The paintings in this show explore DJ's fascination with the way free and random art connects people. The painting shown was inspired by a "parking lot band," the guys set up in a parking lot one day and played for homeless people.
DJ's art was included in the 10 year anniversary show. Try to stop in and see the art work, it's varied and by accomplished local artists. If you need framing done ask for Sandy - her framing work is incredible.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Prata said...

Yay, go DJ! I own two DJ oils and they are not only beautiful to my eye, but they always draw comment from visitors to my home who see them.